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Professional Protective Face Mask (N95 Filter PM2.5, Reusable and Washable)



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Professional N95 Protective Face Mask with a Replaceable Filter
  • Effectively blocks non-oil particles in the air
  • 5-layer replaceable filter with an activated carbon layer
  • Fits perfectly for maximum protection
  • Washable and reusable
  • Special air valves allowing maximum breathing comfort
  • Universal size – suitable for men, women and children
Unparalleled Protection
✅ This mask has a built-in N95 filter
✅ The filter stops almost all particles PM2.5 and at least 94-95% of particles < 0,5 µm (such as airborne bacteria and viruses )*
*effective protection as long as the mask is worn properly and the filter is not used
✅ The filter is replaceable – it’s recommended to replace it every two weeks after occasional use or every two days after intensive use
✅ You can choose a version of this mask with additional filters (1,3 or 5 pcs)
Maximum comfort
Face masks protect you as long as you use them regularly and they fit your face.

Breathing through industrial face masks is difficult, making them uncomfortable for everyday use. Surgical face masks don’t guarantee a full seal.

That’s why our product has been designed to enable:

  1. Comfortable long-term use
  2. Best possible fit

✔️ Adjustable Nose Clip to make sure it completely covers your mouth
✔️ Dual Valve for comfortable breathing (allows airflow only in one direction)
✔️ Earloop and magic strap